First Ladies of the World

There are beautiful women of all races and all colors, all around the world. And usually, when a man becomes rich and powerful enough, he’s able to get a very good looking wife… usually. But even in countries that are small and dirt poor, the men who run them are interested in, and they get, beautiful wives. So when a man who is well-educated, successful, and up and coming in power politics, and he lives in the most powerful country in the world, then you know that there’s got to be something pretty weird and creepy going on, when he marries an ugly and manly-looking, “woman”. Something is not quite right there. What man in his righ mind, would marry a dog, when he didn’t have to?

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Joan Rivers Calls President Gay, Michelle Obama Tranny

Joan Rivers, and perhaps the rest of the world, are catching on to what this blog has been saying for months, that Barry Ovomit is gay, and that Michelle Ovomit is a transtesticle. Finally, the rest of the world is catching up to reality. How refreshing.
From Joan Rivers calls President Obama “gay” and describes Michelle Obama with a homophobic slur in a new video.
Asked by a street reporter whether a gay president or a female president will take office first, Rivers replied, “We already have it with Obama.”
“You know Michelle is a tr*nny,” she went on. “A transgender. We all know.”

Who is Michael LaVaughn Robinson?
Obama’s Gay Past Being Hidden By Killing Ex-Lovers?
Will America’s next President be OPENLY gay?
UPDATED, 7-7-14. The Democrat media outlet known as CNN, is now attacking Joan Rivers.

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Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Obama Zone

Imagine, if you will, that you’re flying home from a Tea Party convention. You just pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. You just heard and gave speeches on how excessive taxation and regulation is destroying America’s economy. Then, you left for home, feeling good that some people get it, and that there is hope for freedom and prosperity in America. You board your airplane, and when you get up to altitude, you look out your window, and there’s thing staring at you. The Mooch Monster hates you and everything you stand for. It hates your country. It hates your freedom. It hates your ideas. It hates that you think that you have a right to keep what you worked for. It wants to own and control you, and it will stop at nothing to do it. This creature will tear your wings off and crash your plane and economy, even though it will destroy itself in the process. You’ve reached a zone where free speech is hate speech, where thinking for yourself is insensitivity to others, where unemployment makes you free, and where working just shows how greedy you are. You’ve reached the Obama zone.
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Obama Aide tied to lies about Benghazi Attack

We’re starting to get a little traction, in our search for the truth, in Barack Ovomit’s involvement in the murders of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. But the truth isn’t coming from the worthless Republican party, it’s coming from, which is doing the work that most Republicans won’t do. As those who care, dig for the truth about who murdered the Americans, who allowed the murders to happen, and who tried to divert attention away from the President’s involvement in those murders, we find that Obama propagandist, Benjamin Rhodes, is involved in the coverup. Rhodes sent an email to then, U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, to get her to spread the lies that the terrorists who murdered our embassy staff in Libya, were just upset about some stupid video. Well, while we still don’t know who murdered our embassy staff in Libya, and we still don’t what Barry Ovomit was doing when those murders were happening, at least some intrepid Americans have gone around the Republicans to find the truth, and maybe some day we will have justice for Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

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Hate Groups and their Imaginary Enemies

A hate group is a political organization that expresses unfettered hatred for other people. And that hatred is so overwhelming, that it leads to fantastic visions of an imaginary enemy. The imaginary enemy can be either a real group of people, that is imagined to have super powers to control the world, such as the Jews. Or, the imaginary enemy can be a pure construct of the hate group, as they routinely refer to anyone who opposes them, with an imaginative label, such as, “raaacists”. The reality of who and what their hate targets really are, comes to mean far less to the hate groups, than simply hating the enemies themselves. Hate is not restricted merely to individuals who have had bad experiences in their own, personal lives, but it is also something that is practiced within political organizations, that takes on a life of it’s own, like a wave that won’t stop. Hate and intolerance can be so persistent, that it may not even be noticed any longer by members of a party that practices it. But you can identify hate groups by the way that they fight and label enemies that they imagine to exist. In the picture above, can you match the hate groups to their imagined enemies? If you need some help, Click here.
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KATHLEEN SEBELIUS, who was Barack Ovomit’s person to shove ObamaCare down America’s throat, HAS RESIGNED. There’s no explanation put out yet, but look for lies from Sebelius AND Ovomit, on what really happened. Look for Ovomit to say how sad he is to see her go, and what a, “great”, job she did. But really, perhaps she could no longer take being ordered to lie for Barry Ovomit, about how ObamaCare is supposedly, “good”, for America. And of course, for months now, people have been demanding her resignation, over the disaster that is ObamaCare. But all along, I said that SEBELIUS is not what’s wrong with ObamaCare, it’s OBAMACARE THAT IS WRONG WITH OBAMACARE. And getting rid of Sebelius won’t stop the continuing destruction of America’s health care system that is ObamaCare.

The picture shown here is Sebelius, with her famous, taped-on, eyebrows.

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Who is Michael LaVaughn Robinson?

Who is Michael Lavaughn Robinson? For years, we’ve speculated about the reasons why Michelle Obama has a prominent, bulging crotch, a manly face, muscular arms and an angry and aggressive personality. We wanted to think that, “she”, just had some physical deformity or an excess of male or hormones, or that, “she”, had been born a hermaphrodite. But it has just been brought to our attention that the person now known as Michelle Obama, was actually born as a male, with the name, “Michael LaVaughn Robinson”.
A recent post by the blog, Fellowship of the Minds, brings some disturbing facts to mind, such as the complete absense of any pictures ever released of a pregnant, “Michelle” Obama. And while a woman who has received hormone therapy to look like a man, may still become pregnant, any man who has supposedly had, “sexual reassignment”, surgery, can never become pregnant. Were the Obama’s kids adopted, to give the impression that, “Michelle”, is a real female?

Barack Ovomit is a gay-looking man, with lots of money, who could have had any woman he wanted, yet he chose a manly-looking, “woman”, who shares his obesession with advancing homosexuality and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender psycho/political agendas. The Ovomit presidency is the ultimate expression of phoniness, in so many ways. So it doesn’t seem hard to speculate that Michelle Obama was actually born as a MALE. We live in an age of unprecedented, mainstream media support of a poltical party, the Democrats, and their leaders, the Obamas. And in that media, the truth must be suppressed and never investigated, so that those with power over others, can keep that power. The fraud that is the Obamas, is an essential and necessary part of their power structure.

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