More Evidence of How Ovomit Hates America

Ovomit remembers to visit Selma, Alabama, but forgets to tell his Obamazombies to bring an American flag. But really, he didn’t forget, he just chose NOT to honor the USA.

Remember when Ovomit did this flag-hating shit before?

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President Barack Ovomit is currently in Saudi Arabia, to grovel and prostrate himself before the new Saudi king, King Salman.
And to the dismay of the Saudi people, Ovomit brought along his wife, Michelle. And despite the desire of the Saudi people and government, to not have to see Michelle Ovomit, she nevertheless appeared in public without a covering over her face. And since women, especially ugly women, are not to be seen in public in Saudi Arabia, censors in Saudi state TV apparently were nice enough to blur out the image of the First Hag, to help save the eyesight of a people who are offended by looking at such a creature. Here is an image of what the Saudi people saw, with the hideous face blurred out, and what they would have had to see, had the censors not done their jobs.

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Obama helps inspire muslim terrorist attack

On September 25, 2012, Muslim terrorist sympathizer and America-hater, Barack so lame Ovomit, said in a speech to the United Nations,
“the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.

And today, in Paris, France, acting in accordance with Ovomit, muslime terrorists attacked the office of a newspaper that mocked Islam, and murdered 12 people, while shouting,
“the Prophet has been avenged”.

And though 12 people were murdered in the name of some child molester, rapist and murderer, named, “Mohammed”, Barack Ovomit can’t even manage to blame MUSLIM terrorists over this latest, MUSLIM terrorist attack.
Us Americans have such cowardly TRASH for a President.

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly newspaper, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. Irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone, the publication is strongly antireligious and left-wing, publishing articles on the extreme right, Catholicism, Islam…
NEVER stop resisting the frauds that are Barack Ovomit and ISLAM. ISLAM IS PHONY. MOHAMMED WAS PHONY. MOHAMMED WAS A CHILD MOLESTER, A RAPIST AND A MURDERER. An excellent source for anti-islamic images is:

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Pic Dump 1

What is a pic dump? A pic dump is an idea that I got from Blur Brain, where you post pictures that are informative, political, interesting, weird or funny. It’s a big world out there, with LOTS of weirdoes in it.

Recently, Obama’s promoters posted a picture on Facebook, defending the lame President. And because they are ignorant, Obamazombies ACTUALLY BELIEVE that no President has ever been hated or disrespected before Obama. So, I attached some pics of hatred and disrespect for Bush, to the Obama pic, to try and acquaint Obamazombies with reality.

When I think of Democrats, it is THIS kind of sick, pathetic and WRONG thinking that comes to mind.


Are these people more likely to be Obama supporters, or are they Tea Party members?

One Grinch wants to steal your Christmas presents, and the other one wants to steal your cookies, fruitcake, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, milk, egg nog, video games and money. HEY, IT’S THE SAME THING!


Evil never stops.

What to wear, when applying for a job at CNN.

Where was Obama, and what was he doing, when the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked, and four Americans were murdered? Why, after all this time, are the President’s actions still a secret?

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The man suspected of groping young women at a local Panera Bread and library is in custody. Columbus police and Ohio State University police worked together to track the suspect, and he was arrested Saturday at the OSU main library. The suspect was identified as

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If Democrats were in Dirty Harry

If Democrats were in Dirty Harry, what would they say?

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How Democrats help spread Ebola

A very serious issue is effecting America and the world today, that should clearly demonstrate to all, the FRAUD and WORTHLESSNESS of President Barack Obola.
We have the emerging epidemic of the fatal disease, Ebola, and we have an incompetent and uncaring President, who thinks that national security is not something that needs to be taken seriously.

Ebola has been imported into the United States from Liberia, a man has died from it, and now two hospital workers in the United States are infected:

Second Ebola-infected nurse ID’d; flew domestic flight day before diagnosis .

So how is President Obola responding? Is he blocking travelers from the infected countries from entering the United States? NO. Is he securing the international borders of the U.S., to prevent people from sneaking in? NO.
So you might ask, “why is Barack Obola not keeping travelers from the infected countries from entering the United States?”. The official reason given by Obola and the CDC is that it won’t do any good. But anyone with even limited intelligence, knows that when a disease is advancing, that you have to isolate the infected people from the healthy people.
So what could possibly be the real reason that Obola is not blocking travelers from Ebola countries? And to answer that question, you have to understand the basic mindset of Obola and the Democrat party. So let’s answer the question, with questions, designed to make you think about what is important in a Democrat world view:
Q: Where does Ebola come from? A: AFRICA.
Q: What race are the carriers and spreaders of Ebola? A: BLACK.
Q: And what do Democrats call it when Black people are deliberately kept out of America? A: RAAAAAAACISM.
So you see, that since the carriers and spreaders of the Ebola disease are Black, travelers from the infected countries will not be blocked from entering the USA.
Let’s continue.
Q: What country has been rich, powerful and healthy for many, many years? A: The USA.
Q: And what countries have been poor, weak and sick for many, many years? A: The AFRICAN countries.
Q: And how do Democrats describe it, when two, different groups of people have different levels of wealth and healthiness? A: They say that it’s, UNFAAAAAIR.
Q: So how do we make the Ebola disease, “fair”. A: Since us Americans can’t cure the disease for the people who have it, then the only way that we can be fair to those who do have it, is to CATCH IT OURSELVES.

So you, see, President Obola will not stop travelers from Ebola countries from entering the US, because it’s, “racist”, and, “unfair”. By not blocking Black people from entering the US, the Democrats demonstrate how non-racist they are. And by letting us Americans get sick and die, Democrats demonstrate their commitment to, “fairness”, and, “equality”.

But there is a third and equally important reason why Obola would not block travelers from Ebola countries from entering the USA. And that is that the Democrat party is dependent on illegal aliens sneaking in from Mexico, to provide labor for BIG BUSINESSES that contribute to the Democrat party, and for future voters for the Democrat party. And if Obola blocked travelers from Ebola countries from entering the US, then he would not be able to get away with leaving the US-Mexico border in it’s current state of openness. If Barack Obola had to secure the southern border from illegal aliens, it would cut down dramatically, on the current and future power of the Democrat party.


The Democrats are gambling that the disease won’t kill us, and that their power will be preserved.

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Obama to let ILLEGAL ALIENS into U.S. Military

This story from FoxNews, claims that the Department of Defense, a nameless, faceless thing, is going to let illegal aliens into the miltary, while in reality, it is BARACK OBAMA who is ordering that illegal aliens be allowed into the military.

“The Defense Department plans to let some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children enlist in the military. The Military Times reports that a program — called the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI — which currently allows recruiters to search for foreign nationals with unique skills will be expanded to accommodate the new policy.”
This is a DELIBERATE attempt by Obama to legalize and legitimize illegal aliens, by incorporating them into the military, under false premises. The false premise here is that America citizens are so unskilled and and incapable, that we HAVE to let illegal aliens into the military, to keep us safe. American citizens are just too stupid to know what to do.
“The new program reportedly is capped at 1,500 recruits every year, and could be the first step in an effort to create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.”
REPORTEDLY? They CLAIM that they’re going to limit it to 1,500 recruits a year? And WHO is going to verify that? OBAMA?
Prediction: There will be NO ACCOUNTABILITY and NO REPORTING on the actual number of illegal aliens in the U.S. military.
And you can be sure, that this scheme BY OBAMA, absolutely IS a trick to manipulate Congress and The American Sheeple, into giving citizenship to the illegal aliens who go into the military.
“Lt. Commander Nate Christensen, a DOD spokesman, said late Friday, “The Department continues to work closely with the Department of Homeland Security and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in reviewing all MAVNI candidates.
So, the Department of Defense, instead of focusing on DEFENDING the United States of America, will now be IMMIGRATION OFFICERS, working the cases of illegal aliens who Obama wants enlisted in the military.
“We do not know how many people with the required skills will apply to enter the military and therefore do not have an estimate of how many people this will potentially impact.”
Yet they somehow know that there aren’t enough Americans to do the job right.
“According to the Army’s recruiting site, the program offers a range of benefits to applicants — who until now were largely legal noncitizen residents. Among the benefits offered are educational aid, pay and benefits from service, and “expedited citizenship.”
EXPEDITED CITIZENSHIP? NO KIDDING. If Obama himself does not grant these illegal alien veterans citizenship, then some other Democrat WILL. The WHOLE PURPOSE of putting illegal aliens into the military, is to get new voters for the Democrat party.

In your lifetime, you are seeing the willful destruction of the U.S. military, by a President and his party, purely for the benefit of that party. The United States is re-living the fall of the Roman Empire.

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