A Bulging Crotch-The Michelle Obama Story

  • UPDATED, 3-18-14, see below.
    Even before Barack Ovomit was elected, his propaganda mill put out the fantasy that Michelle Ovomit is some kind of fashion diva. And whereas Barry Ovomit himself was claimed to be the re-incarnation of John F. Kennedy, as well as a Godlike messiah, his wife was correspondingly claimed to be the re-incarnation of Jackie Kennedy, as well as a Fashion Queen… Her Royal Highness, Michelle.
    And though the Ovomits do consider themselves to be high and mighty, we have to ask ourselves, “what kind of royalty would put on a tight and slinky dress that shows to the world, her bulging and nasty crotch?”
    And once such a crotch has been put on public display, we start to wonder what could cause such a hideous condition. So we will explore different medical conditions that might explain Queen Michelle’s, protruding, private parts.
    Could it be that Her Majesty is a hermaphrodite, like Lady Gaga, and that she has a penis to go along with her female organs? http://gawker.com/ladygagaspenis
    If Michelle Ovomit is indeed a genetic freak, or if she merely has an excess of male hormones that lead to a penis-like clitoris, perhaps these possible conditions would explain her other manly traits of long, muscular arms, huge, blocky knees, her angry and hateful personality and her perpetually, sneering face.
    Or perhaps Michelle Ovomit has a condition known as sinus pudoris, which is when the skin of a woman’s vaginal lips grow to several inches in length. This is common in people of African descent, and has been referred to as a, “Hottentot Apron”.
    For more infromation on Michelle Obama’s bulging crotch, go to Why is everyone staring at Michelle Obama’s lap?, at

    On May 9, 2012, I told you that the Ovomits think that they are royalty. And who can blame them, for all the adulation they get from their sycophants? In fact, some of their worshipers actually recently put Michelle Ovomit on a postage stamp, AS A QUEEN. All hail Queen Michelle…according to Britain’s Sunday Times.

    The Sunday Times Style Magazine has ranked the first lady at the top of its best-dressed people in the world list, and created a mock first-class postage stamp — a space traditionally reserved for the Queen of England — to promote the issue.
    3-18-14: And people are still mocking this phony, “Queen”. I just ran across this topless pic of Moochelle, and I had to share it with you. If you want to see this creature without the candy bar across her/his chest, then click here. Just be warned that it’s pretty sickening, and probably quite accurate. And if you want to see the candy bar pic, it’s here.
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    I am a Native American of European Ancestry. I am married to a REAL immigrant from The Philippines, who I actually got a VISA for, before I brought her to the U.S.A. It just seems only fair to me that EVERYONE should have to get a visa before they come to America. And if they come here WITHOUT a visa, then they should be sent home and NOT given a special pass because they are of a certain ethnic group or because they "work hard". I work hard too AND I OBEY THE LAW.
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    25 Responses to A Bulging Crotch-The Michelle Obama Story

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      • The ANIMATED picture of Moochelle Ovomit’s bulging crotch IS photoshopped, and I did it myself. But the original picture of Moochelle in the tight, blue dress, was released by the midstream media back in 2008. There are other pictures of her/him/it, wearing the same dress at the same event, which I think was a Democrat fund raiser.The bulge in Moochelle’s crotch was first realized when THAT picture was released, and THEN the questions started, over who and what Moochelle really is. The weirdoes that first released the pic of that skank in the blue dress, talked about how lovely and exciting she looked. It took non-Obama worshipers like myself, to point out that she/he/it appears to have a penis.

    3. arnash says:

      Very likely the reason her eyebrows are missing is that they were so bushy and masculine that she had them remove via electrolysis and now simply paints them on. After all, you can’t use hair remover near your eyes and you can’t shave them and produce lots of stubble.

    4. arnash says:

      Eight links to other sites and yet no link to the video from which the “incriminating evidence” is taken? That raises all kind of suspicions, along with the Photoshopped animation of the bulge doubling in size. If a image editor could do that, then he could also fabricate the original image that was further exaggerated. So with those factors working against the revealing photo, it has to be taken with a cup of salt and assumed to be just another fake. Don’t trust, -do verify.

      • “VIDEO”? WHAT video? “SUSPICION”? What’s there to be suspicious about? We HATE the Obamas and we ADMIT it. As for the photoshopped, animated bulge, that’s just for fun, and to draw attention to Michelle Obama’s weird crotch. The original image was in the news, years ago, when Moochelle attended some Democrat Party event, and wore that tight dress that showed her bulging crotch. The controversy over her weird crotch started AFTER that picture was released, NOT AT THE SAME TIME. Ever since then, she/he/it has been careful not to dress like that again.

    5. Ken says:

      Only way to put this to a rest is by asking her gynecologist if your lucky to get a response. You won’t get any information on this through the freedom of information act. Medical records are
      non-privileged to public view.

    6. Ken says:

      Arnash, there is a you tube video out on this very issue. I watched it yesterday. It was made by
      a certified expert on human anatomy who studied extensively on human anatomy. It is so believable if you know anything of the human anatomy in it’s entirety. You might Google ” You tube video on Michelle Obama’s manly looks”.explained.

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    10. James Jackson says:

      I wouldn’t get even close to that whatever.

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    12. David says:

      The science of human anatomy elevates the truth that she is a he…..strong evidence.

    13. Bob Kissmy says:

      This must be the ignorant Anglo-Saxon Protestant racist “Pussy boy sight a friend was telling me about.

    14. Rosco pe ole train says:

      I don’t care a rats ass what the bitch has got, I just wish it and it’s gay counterparts would get the hell gone and leave America alone

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    18. Zelda says:

      All you need to know is that there is a photo of Michelle without her wig and with short-cropped hair and you can see the clear evidence of male pattern baldness, a trait that women do not share with men. Plus, she always wears full skirt attire to hid her cup, and she has a really strange shape, with her bulging thighs and wide, manly shoulders. Of course, she is a tranny. Ovomit was raised by a tranny in Indonesia. The lies Ovomit has perpetrated on the unsuspecting public are mind-blowing in their audacity.

    19. I believe. Saw enough to be convinced of it. She is a he. America has been deceived. I can’t believe Joan Rivers nailed it like she did and was killed for it.

    20. HarryS says:

      Many 100% female women have prominent, bulging mons veneris, and many 100% female women have clitorises that qualify as micropenises. If a woman has:
      • bulging mons veneris
      • large clitoris (but no urethra and corpus spongiosum in it)
      • extra thick prepuce (clitoral hood)
      she will look like this.
      If anyone ever gets a sample of her cells, his/her chromosomes will tell the truth.
      Look up:
      • XX
      • XY
      • XXY
      • XYY

    21. Sean says:

      I can’t find the edit button, so I’ll leave my comment the way it is.

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