If Obama had a son, he’d look like THIS

Updated, 3-30-13. First, the baby killer himself, De’Marquise Elkins, is arrested, along with his accomplice, Dominique Lang. Then, Sabrina Ellkins, who is the sister of the baby killer, was arrested for tampering with evidence. Now, the Brunswick City Commissioner has been arrested for tampering with evidence. And let’s not forget that the killer’s Aunt lied to police to protect the killer. WHYYYY does this killa/thug/gangsta/nigga culture look so damn attractive to Black people? These scumbags are going to jail faster than I can update this website.
Updated, 3-28-13. WOKV has confirmed the sister of a suspect in the killing of a Brunswick 13 month-old has been arrested for tampering with evidence.
(The whole family is scum.)

Updated, 3-27-13. Gun Used To Kill 13-Month-Old Baby Found In Nearby Pond
If Obama had a son, he’d look like THIS:

This is, Demarquise “Money-ville” Elkins, who is such a tough gangsta, that he shot and killed a baby, in retaliation for the baby’s mother not having any money to give him, when he tried to rob her. No, he didn’t know the baby he killed, or the baby’s mother, and they didn’t owe him any money. But in America, robbing and killing people seems like a way to achieve coolness and popularity to Blacks.
And before the killing, what did Demarquise “Money-ville” Elkins’s friend, Toinna Williams have to say about him? “MY LIL BRA THUGGIN IT“.
Toinna Williams, a friend of Elkins, and an avowed Ebonics speaker goes on to say, “Dez Silly,Immature Ass Hoez Always Worried Bout Me..But Bytchez Jus Kno I’m Gud,My Son(TJ),&My Unborn(Mommy’s Lil Princess)(:Yall Hoez Worried Bout My Bbydaddy So Fukkn Much Damn Bytchez Yall Can Have Him If Dats Wat Y’all Want Kuz My Son Gone Continue Too B Takin Care Of&My Daughter Gone B Well Takin Care Of..BELIEVE DAT…Fukk Dez Simple Ass Hoez&Fake Ass Niggas!!I Salute Yu Pussy Hatin Ass Hoez…“.

The mother of a 13-month-old boy shot dead in his stroller said she thought the gun being pointed at her was fake.
Sherry West of Brunswick, Ga. recounted the horrifying chain of events that took place Thursday morning when she was pushing Antonio Santiago in his stroller after running an errand. That’s when she said a teenager and a younger boy approached her and demanded money.
“I thought the gun was fake. I didn’t think the gun was real,” West told CNN in an interview punctuated by sobs. “A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money and I told him I didn’t have any money and he said ‘give me your money or I’m gonna kill you and I’m going to shoot your baby.’” West was shot in the ear, the bullet just grazing her skin, and in the leg above her knee.
“I thought it was a BB gun. It was a small gun, and then all of a sudden he walked over and he shot my baby right in the face,” West said.
  Barack Obama, as liked by
Quanshay Williams on Facebook.
Now what does this have to do with Barack Ovomit? When a Black thug by the name of, “Trayvon Martin”, was killed as he assaulted a man on private property, Ovomit said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon“. But now that another Black thug has successfully killed a baby and survived to laugh about it, don’t expect Ovomit or Eric Holder or Jesse Jackson to shed one tear about it or to even mention it.


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I am a Native American of European Ancestry. I am married to a REAL immigrant from The Philippines, who I actually got a VISA for, before I brought her to the U.S.A. It just seems only fair to me that EVERYONE should have to get a visa before they come to America. And if they come here WITHOUT a visa, then they should be sent home and NOT given a special pass because they are of a certain ethnic group or because they "work hard". I work hard too AND I OBEY THE LAW.
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