Hate Groups and their Imaginary Enemies

A hate group is a political organization that expresses unfettered hatred for other people. And that hatred is so overwhelming, that it leads to fantastic visions of an imaginary enemy. The imaginary enemy can be either a real group of people, that is imagined to have super powers to control the world, such as the Jews. Or, the imaginary enemy can be a pure construct of the hate group, as they routinely refer to anyone who opposes them, with an imaginative label, such as, “raaacists”. The reality of who and what their hate targets really are, comes to mean far less to the hate groups, than simply hating the enemies themselves. Hate is not restricted merely to individuals who have had bad experiences in their own, personal lives, but it is also something that is practiced within political organizations, that takes on a life of it’s own, like a wave that won’t stop. Hate and intolerance can be so persistent, that it may not even be noticed any longer by members of a party that practices it. But you can identify hate groups by the way that they fight and label enemies that they imagine to exist. In the picture above, can you match the hate groups to their imagined enemies? If you need some help, Click here.

About reportanddeport

I am a Native American of European Ancestry. I am married to a REAL immigrant from The Philippines, who I actually got a VISA for, before I brought her to the U.S.A. It just seems only fair to me that EVERYONE should have to get a visa before they come to America. And if they come here WITHOUT a visa, then they should be sent home and NOT given a special pass because they are of a certain ethnic group or because they "work hard". I work hard too AND I OBEY THE LAW.
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