Obama helps inspire muslim terrorist attack

On September 25, 2012, Muslim terrorist sympathizer and America-hater, Barack so lame Ovomit, said in a speech to the United Nations,
“the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.

And today, in Paris, France, acting in accordance with Ovomit, muslime terrorists attacked the office of a newspaper that mocked Islam, and murdered 12 people, while shouting,
“the Prophet has been avenged”.

And though 12 people were murdered in the name of some child molester, rapist and murderer, named, “Mohammed”, Barack Ovomit can’t even manage to blame MUSLIM terrorists over this latest, MUSLIM terrorist attack.
Us Americans have such cowardly TRASH for a President.

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly newspaper, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. Irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone, the publication is strongly antireligious and left-wing, publishing articles on the extreme right, Catholicism, Islam…
NEVER stop resisting the frauds that are Barack Ovomit and ISLAM. ISLAM IS PHONY. MOHAMMED WAS PHONY. MOHAMMED WAS A CHILD MOLESTER, A RAPIST AND A MURDERER. An excellent source for anti-islamic images is: http://zombietime.com/mohammed_image_archive/extreme_mohammed/


About reportanddeport

I am a Native American of European Ancestry. I am married to a REAL immigrant from The Philippines, who I actually got a VISA for, before I brought her to the U.S.A. It just seems only fair to me that EVERYONE should have to get a visa before they come to America. And if they come here WITHOUT a visa, then they should be sent home and NOT given a special pass because they are of a certain ethnic group or because they "work hard". I work hard too AND I OBEY THE LAW.
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One Response to Obama helps inspire muslim terrorist attack

  1. qsr says:

    hello i’m french and i look your website for obama
    ans see this article is not a muslim attack it’s a french inside job like the 9/11 for u
    the french secret service do this
    this story is just a joke and charlie hebdo a stupid magazine for ass hole

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