Juden Verboten

Donald Trump suggests that we temporarily keep the Muslims out of the U.S., until we can separate the terrorists from the non-terrorists, and it’s considered RAAAAAACIST and totally unacceptable. But 16 Islamic countries keeping Jews out is perfectly fine with Democrats, RINOs and Globalists. UTTER HYPOCRISY.
Here is a list of the 16 Islamic counties that ban Israelis from entering.

About reportanddeport

I am a Native American of European Ancestry. I am married to a REAL immigrant from The Philippines, who I actually got a VISA for, before I brought her to the U.S.A. It just seems only fair to me that EVERYONE should have to get a visa before they come to America. And if they come here WITHOUT a visa, then they should be sent home and NOT given a special pass because they are of a certain ethnic group or because they "work hard". I work hard too AND I OBEY THE LAW.
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  1. muslimtheology says:

    Isreali =/= Jews. Muslims lived with Jews almost perfectly before Isreal, if you look it up you will find that Jews had their GOLDEN AGE OF CULTURE under Islamic Rule. Please fellow human, I agree with you that people should have visas etc, but understand this.

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